BEN Webinars

Bangladesh Environment Network has started a bi-monthly webinar series in June 2022. The two-hour webinars are held on the last Saturday of the month, every other month, at a time convenient for as many time zones of the world as possible, currently 10 AM US Eastern/NY Time. BEN experts from all over the world contribute to the discussion focused on issues related to the environment and climate in Bangladesh in a global context. One fourth of the session is dedicated to audience engagement that follows one or more keynote presentations and discussions. The webinars are held in Zoom and livestreamed in Facebook (FB). A flyer with the Zoom link to join the webinar is posted on the BEN FB group page and mailed to BEN mailing lists well ahead of the event. The links to the previous webinar videos, flyers and slides will be posted on this page as and when available. 

Upcoming Webinar (#12)

July 27, 2024, Saturday, 10 AM US Eastern (NY) Time

The topic and speakers will be uploaded on this page once we get confirmation.

Webinar Zoom Link, Zoom Meeting ID: 873 4510 0614, Passcode: ben

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Past Webinars

 #11 May 25, 2024: Impact of Sea Level Rise on Arsenic Contamination in the Drinking Water in Bangladesh
Flyer Video Abstract    Keynote Slides   Discussion slides


 #10 March 30, 2024: Mathematical Modeling of Human, Social and Natural Systems: Relevance for Environment and Climate Change Research
Flyer Video Abstract    Slides


 #9 Jan 27, 2024: Climate Change, Gender and Development
Flyer Video  


 #8 Dec 03, 2023: Climate Change, Development, and Livelihood in Coastal Bangladesh
Flyer Video Text of the book discussed


 #7 Sep 30, 2023: Underlying Causes of Flooding and Waterlogging in Greater Sylhet and the Haor Region
Flyer Video Abstract  Keynote Slides Discussant slides 1 Discussant slides 2


 #6 July 29, 2023: Air quality in Bangladesh: Sources, Atmospheric Interactions, Impacts, Control Strategies, and Recommendations
Flyer Video Abstract   


 #5 May 20, 2023: Spatiotemporal Variation in Heatwaves and Urban Heat Island Intensity in Bangladesh
Flyer Video Abstract   


 #4 Jan 28, 2023: Sustainable Transportation: Potential for e-Mobility in Bangladesh
Flyer Video Abstract   Slides   Report 


 #3 Oct 29, 2022: Sedimentation Rates Vs. Sea-Level Rise at the Bangladesh Coast
Flyer Video  Keynote slides Discussant slides


 #2 Aug 27, 2022: The Renewable Energy Transition: A Global Revolution, Climate Action & Bangladesh’s Sustainable Energy Future
Flyer Video Book overview Discussant slides 1 Discussant slides 2 Chairperson’s comments


 #1 Jun 25, 2022: Water Development in Bangladesh: Past, Present and Future
Flyer Video  Book overview (Chapter 1)