4th  International Conference on Bangladesh Environment (ICBEN)-2020

A BAPA-BEN Conference

December 26-27, 2020

[Please note that the timing of ICBEN-2020 (December 26-27 Bangladesh Standard Time) was conceptualized for an in-person conference located in Bangladesh. Due to COVID-19 and the switch to a virtual mode, the beginning of the conference now conflicts with Christmas (Dec 25) for our participants in North America and Europe. We apologize for the conflict and will make every attempt to accommodate speakers and participants joining us from these locations. Thank you for your understanding.]

List of topics

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[wc_accordion_section title=”Climate Change, Disaster Management“]

  • Natural disasters


[wc_accordion_section title=”Rivers, Floodplains, and Wetlands“]

  • River and surface water bodies
  • Special problems of environment in Bangladesh’s coastal areas


[wc_accordion_section title=”Energy and environment“]

  • Energy and environment


[wc_accordion_section title=”Pollution Control, Waste Management/Treatment“]

  • Arsenic and ground water contamination
  • Plastic pollution
  • Air pollution: urban and rural
  • Industrial pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Household waste
  • Medical waste
  • Electronic waste


[wc_accordion_section title=”Health and food-safety“]

  • Environment and food safety
  • Environment and tobacco cultivation and consumption


[wc_accordion_section title=”Forests, Biodiversity, & Indigenous Peoples“]

  • Agriculture related issues of environment
  • Biodiversity


[wc_accordion_section title=”Urban and Rural Planning“]

  • Urban planning and environment
  • Transportation and communication policies
  • Rural housing and settlement pattern
  • Indoor environment: industrial, urban, and rural
  • Environment, parks, open space, and sports


[wc_accordion_section title=”Gender Dimension of Environmental Issues“]

  • Gender Dimension of Environmental Issues


[wc_accordion_section title=”Grassroots Movements“]

  • Environment and health
  • Environment and human rights
  • Forests and Adibashi rights
  • Environment and women and women’s movement
  • Environment and youth and student movement
  • Environment and workers’ movement
  • Environment and the movement for self-reliance
  • Bangladesh and international environment movement
  • Conversion of environment movement into a mass movement
  • Ways to increase political influence of the environment movement


[wc_accordion_section title=”Economics, legal, and management Issues“]

  • Environment and economic policies
  • Environment and economic and financial policies
  • Environment and the role of donor agencies
  • Environment and law


[wc_accordion_section title=”Governance, political parties, and Civil Society“]

  • Environment and role of the civil society
  • Environment, public administration, capacity building, and governance
  • Environment and the education curriculum and system
  • Environment and regional cooperation
  • Environment and culture


[wc_accordion_section title=”Other issues of Bangladesh environment“]

  • Other issues of Bangladesh environment