Recent BEN Activities

Alongside regularly attending and contributing to events and activities organized by BAPA, their Bangladesh partner, Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) has also been active in multiple areas of organizational development. Azam Hossain is working with a team of graduate students and researchers to update and redesign the BEN website. Saleh Tanveer has successfully completed this year’s fundraising drive. Ahmed Badruzzaman is working with experts from Bangladesh to publish the proceedings of the 4th International Conference of Bangladesh Environment Network held December 2020. Farida Khan, Aeshna Badruzzaman, Khalequzzaman, Dipen Bhattacharya and others are reviewing papers submitted for publication in the proceedings. Ahmed Badruzzaman and Saleh Tanveer are reactivating the BEN expert panels. Mehraj Awal, Aeshna Badruzzaman, Mahmud Farooq, Dipen Bhattacharya, Azam Hossain and Mohammod Irfan are working on the continuation of the BEN Environmental Newsletter (ENL) published regularly under the stewardship of Nazrul Islam. BEN organizers have recently started a monthly meeting (or “adda”) held on the last Thursday of the month. Alongside the organizers from the various parts of the USA, the virtual adda is attended by veteran BEN leader Kamrul Ahsan Khan from Brisbane, Australia and Mazharul Islam Rana from Europe.   

BEN Monthly Adda, July 29, 2021

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