[BEN] Martyrs and Victory!

Dear All:

As we reach mid-December, we get overwhelmed by feelings of both sorrow and joy.

We remember all those who gave their lives during the Liberation War and sacrificed in many other ways. In particular, we remember the leading intellectuals who were selectively picked up and killed on the eve of the Victory. We remember them all through whose sacrifices the Victory was won.

There is some satisfaction to be drawn from the fact that — despite the inexcusable delay — the trial of the war criminals has advanced and many of the most heinous perpetrators of crimes have been served justice. We hope that this process will continue in the right way and other war criminals will also be tried and punished appropriately.

It is also heartening that more attention is now given to identification and preservation of the killing fields and graveyards of the freedom fighters and others who were killed by the Pakistan Army and their local allies during the Liberation War.

The Liberation War Museum — a citizens’ initiative — has been a great achievement. It has done more than the official agencies have done in preserving and disseminating information about the Liberation War. It is heartening to know that a similar citizens’ initiative has now emerged to create an e-Museum of the Bangladesh Liberation War. In this age of Internet, this will play an effective role, particularly among the new generation who are more used to getting their information from the web. Such a museum will also be effective in spreading the information about the Liberation War abroad, among NRBs, their children and the international audience.

After the Martyr Intellectuals Day today, we will have the Victory Day on Dec 16! As we noted in previous years too, Bangladesh that emerged through the Liberation War was supposed to be a country with shared prosperity, social cohesion, and pristine environment. Unfortunately, despite the economic progress in recent years, these goals still remain mostly to the achieved. As we celebrate the 46th anniversary of the Victory Day, let’s renew our determination to work for these goals in order fulfill the dreams with which the martyrs gave their lives.

Victory Day greetings to all!

Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN)

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