Annual BAPA-BEN Conference 2022

BAPA-BEN announced its 2022 annual conference. Titled “Energy, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development,” the conference will be held virtually on February 11-12 (Friday and Saturday), 2022.  The event will be  organized in cooperation with other pro-environment universities, organizations, and institutions from different parts of the world and Bangladesh. The conference will address the issues around the new phase of energy development that Bangladesh has now entered. Bangladesh has witnessed significant growth in the energy sector in the recent decades. The electricity generation capacity in the country has increased markedly. The country has overcome the burden of electricity deficit. However, many additional problems have arisen, which need to be addressed in order to move forward in this sector. This year’s BEN-BAPA conference will address energy sector issues in Bangladesh and their implications under the conference title of “Energy, climate change, and sustainable development.” The conference organizers are soliciting abstract and papers for presentation at the conference. Topics, timeline and the mode of submission are posted on the BEN website.

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