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BEN prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary

BEN will reach 20 years on July 10, 2018. Through these long 20 years, we have have been putting our efforts towards protection of Bangladesh (also global) environment. BEN played a crucial role in founding BAPA in 2000, and since then we have been working with BAPA.

Together, we had significant successes. BAPA-BEN conducted movement on all major environmental issues of the country. Our efforts eradicated TSEVs, leaded gasoline, and plastic shopping bags. Our efforts led to the river movement all across the country and to the freeing up of the Baral River. Through our conferences and other related efforts, we produced one of the most extensive knowledge bases on environmental problems that a developing country can aspire to have.

Of course, we have not achieved all that we wanted to achieve. There are many challenges ahead. However, we have not given up. We are continuing our efforts.

Significantly, we have not give up our principles, most importantly the principle of financial independence. Each year, we conducted fundraising and raised money that allowed BAPA to avoid the fate of becoming another run-of-the-mill NGO, subsisting on either government or foreign donor funds. This financial independence has made both BEN and BAPA respectable organizations in the eyes of the people of Bangladesh. It is people’s respect, appreciation, and goodwill that is out greatest asset. Building on this asset, we can achieve many more successes in the years ahead.

We therefore want to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BEN in a befitting manner. You will be glad to know that BEN-NY-NJ-CT has offered to host the celebratory, whole-day, event. The proposed date is Saturday, July 7. We expect a big turnout of BEN leaders, supporters, and sympathisers from outside NYC. That is why we are preferring Saturday instead of Sunday.

Please contact Dr. Nazrul Islam, BEN Global Coordinator for further information

BAPA-BEN Special Conference on Flood, Water Logging and Landslide 2018
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BAPA-BEN Special Conference on Sustainable Development & Environment (BAPA-BEN SCSDGE), 14-15 January, 2017 held at Krishibid Institution of Bangladesh (KIB), Krishi Khamar Road, Farmgate, Dhaka.Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

SCSDGE 2017 program
Abstract volume

2017 Conference Photos

Welcome to the website of Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN)!

We need your participation in our common struggle to protect Bangladesh and the global environment.

As Bangladesh industrializes, its environment is experiencing serious deterioration. Its rivers and other surface water bodies are getting encroached and polluted. Its forests are shrinking. Its land is getting toxic. Bio-diversity is disappearing and open space is vanishing. Its once pristine villages are getting polluted and its cities are becoming inhabitable.

Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) has been set up in 1998 to mobilize the efforts and resources of non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) and their international friends to help Bangladesh confront its environmental problems. It also participates actively in the international struggle for protection of the global environment.

BEN works inside Bangladesh in partnership with Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) [Bangladesh Environment Movement], a civic organization formed in 2000 to unite pro-environment organizations and individuals of Bangladesh. BEN is a founding member-organization of BAPA.

Working together BAPA, BEN, and other pro-environment forces of Bangladesh have been successful in bringing about several positive changes in the environment of the country. Among these are: introduction of non-leaded gasoline, removal of the two-stroke vehicles from the streets of the major cities; re-imposition of the ban on the use plastic bags; formation by the government of an inter-ministerial Task Force for protection of rivers; adoption of new building rules requiring more open space to be left open. While these steps have led to some improvements, overall the environment in Bangladesh however continues to deteriorate.

Urgent steps are therefore necessary to protect Bangladesh’s environment. Though the government bears the main responsibility, all Bangladeshis –living both inside and outside the country—and their international friends need to join the effort. Through about two decades of work, BEN has established a proven record of a sustained, positive, and effective role in protecting Bangladesh’s environment. Internationally, BEN has an active record of participation in the struggle for protection of the global environment, in particular, in the struggle against climate change.

Glad that you have come to our website. Please take a little time and browse through it! We hope that you will be encouraged by reading and seeing what is presented here, and will decide to join BEN and its efforts. To join BEN, please send an e-mail to